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Yasir Bhatty

Country of Origin Pakistan
Length of Time in Columbus Since 2005
Reason for Move Work
Education & Profession Bachelors in Computer Science (Dec 2004) from University of Southern Mississippi and MBA (May 2009) from Indiana University.
I was hired in Cummins Inc in 2005 as a Systems Engineer for Heavy Duty and Mid Range Products.

In 2007 i accepted the position of
Product Manager – Electronic Tools and i have been working in my role since then.
Family Members I am married to Shanila Bhatty. Shanila and I have been living in Columbus since 2005. We were married in 2004. Shanila works at Cummins as a Corporate 6Sigma Black Belt
Hobbies Sports, Working Out, Motorcycle riding.
Childhood Years & Schooling I finished my high school through Cambridge University London (GCSE ‘O’ & ‘A’ Levels). In the U.S I attended University for my undergraduate degree.
I recieved my MBA degree from Indiana University
How do you preserve and celebrate your heritage and culture? We as a family celebrate our religious and cultural celebrities with other Pakistanis living in Indianapolis. We also subscribe to Pakistani channels on Dish Network so we can get in touch with our culture.
Is there a celebration or festival that you particularly enjoy? Yes, Eid-ul-Fitar is a religious festival that is just like Christmas for Muslims. We celebrate Eid after the month of Ramadan (30 days of fasting). Usually, Eid lasts for three days where families and friends share gifts and enjoy parties.
What do you enjoy about living in Columbus? The U.S has provided me with a lot of opportunities from a student to a professional. I am able to practice my religion and culture freely. I also enjoy my civil and legal rights freely in the U.S.
Was it difficult to adjust to life in Columbus? No, I was living in a small city where my campus was located (Hattiesburg, MS), so I was happy to start life in Columbus where there is a lot of cultural diversity.
What do you miss about your native country? Parents, friends, places I grew up and food.
What would you like other Columbus residents to know about your native country? Pakistan has been in the news a lot lately due to all bad things. There is a lot of good in the history, culture, and the people of Pakistan which should be shared with people in the U.S. Pakistani’s in general are allies with the U.S and the common man does support the U.S to end the war of terror. Unfortunately, due to political situations and lack of resources, the primary need of a Pakistani is to make both ends meet and provide a better future for their families.

People of Pakistan are smart, hardworking, strong willed, and very friendly.