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Indian Association of Columbus


Vijay Gopal

Country of Origin India
Length of Time in Columbus since 1998
Reason for Move Took a job with Cummins Inc.
  I moved with my wife and two daughters to Columbus, IN in 1998 from Palatine, IL. Having spent the bulk of my life in bustling Mumbai and then in Chicago, the quiet and laid back nature of my new hometown would take some getting used to- or so I thought. My first interactions with the local community, primary school teachers and local businesses convinced me that this was indeed the place to raise my young family. The people are friendly, have time to greet and smile at even strangers - refreshingly different from the crowded places that we had been to. I work at Cummins which itself cherishes diversity, much like the rest of Columbus.

My wife, Raji, was initially a homemaker and later became a teacher assistant at Fodrea, a Teller and Commercial Loan Collateral Tracker at Irwin Union Bank before heading back to school for her MIS from Kelley. She now works at Cummins. My elder daughter Sai is graduating from East High just as my younger daughter Ramya begins her high school career at North High School. My kids have enjoyed going to the local schools and thrived under the encouragement and guidance provided by the BCSC teachers.

The Indian community within Columbus has grown over the years and some of the festivals are celebrated here with as much, if not more, verve than back in India. The annual Ethnic Expo with participation from immigrants drawn from different nationalities is certainly the highlight of life at Columbus. This small town stands as an example for other towns to emulate - open, diverse, peaceful, and wonderful work-life balance. The middle aged man that drove from Palatine to Columbus that September morning in 1996 did not know it then, but now he proudly calls Columbus his home.