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Adelina Mejia

Country of Origin Honduras
Length of Time in Columbus Since 2003
Reason for Move I used to work / live in Chicago area. Cummins hired me in 2003.
Education & Profession Master and Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineer from Florida International University; Miami, FL.
Family Members I have two sisters and one brother I am the second oldest, my two sisters are married and my brother lives with my Mother. My Dad passed away 14 years ago. I am single and have no children.
Hobbies I enjoy traveling, going to good restaurants, reading, doing Pilates, and learn more about God.
Childhood Years & Schooling Very different, the school year starts in February and ends on November. Public and private schools wear uniforms. From 1st grade, elementary school through High School the education system emphasize is on geography, history, culture of my country, and the other countries of the world. We even learn the rivers and mountains of other countries of the world, besides their history and culture.
How do you preserve and celebrate your heritage and culture? Going to concerts of Latin Music, going to Latin Restaurants. Making traditional food.
Is there a celebration or festival that you particularly enjoy? Easter, Christmas, and New Years. I usually go to Honduras to celebrate these events with my family. We gather at my Mother house, have a lot of food and feast all day.
What do you enjoy about living in Columbus? Opportunities to travel around the world at lower cost. Living in Columbus I enjoy that I do not drive in traffic.
Was it difficult to adjust to life in Columbus? It was very difficult the first three years, I missed going to Culture activities, good restaurants, movie theaters, activities for singles. Living in a small town without coffee / ice cream shops where I can go for a walk in downtown and enjoy a beautiful afternoon. Not finding a big bookstore, good selection of restaurants.
What do you miss about your native country? My family, food and beaches.
What would you like other Columbus residents to know about your native country? Honduras has beautiful beaches; the sand is like the powder and the water warm and crystalline. It is considered one of the best places in the world for snorkeling and scuba diving. Bay Islands is known for its beautiful corals. We have archeological ruins from the Mayan Culture.