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Columbus African American Association


Frank Griffin
Vice President

Country of Origin USA
Length of Time in Columbus 12 Years
Reason for Move Job
Education & Profession BS Electrical Engineer, Doctorate in Theology. Business leader/Cummins Inc.
Family Members Wife – Debra; Daughters; Tabytha and Lauren
Hobbies Basketball, Golf, Reading, hanging with family
Childhood Years & Schooling I attended a predominantly African American school through high school. The dynamics of a predominantly white school system where our African American children are minorities are very different. This makes Columbus’s continued work on building a Welcoming Community and creating initiatives such as CAMEO where all cultures are valued, all the more important.

How do you preserve and celebrate your heritage and culture? I am actively involved in mentoring and helping young African Americans. Making sure our culture continues to strive and advance as a minority culture in a majority environment is the best way to celebrate and preserve our heritage.
Is there a celebration or festival that you particularly enjoy? Indiana Black Expo that happens every July is an event that is very enjoyable, not only because of the entertainment, but because of the information that is shared during this event.
What do you enjoy about living in Columbus? I enjoy the ability to get involved and make a difference in this small town environment. More so than living in a larger city.
Was it difficult to adjust to life in Columbus? The most difficult thing to adjust to is raising my daughter as a minority, when no one looks like her and possibly could unknowingly mistreat her.
What would you like other Columbus residents to know about your native country? Greatest Country to live in the world!!