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Columbus Japanese Business Association

Background Geographical Location
East of Asia/ West of Pacific Ocean

Temperate Zone

Brief history

Japanese history can be broken down into periods which are:
Early Japan until 710 AD
Nara and Heian Periods 710-1192
Kamakura Period 1192-1333
Muromachi Period 1338-1573
Azuchi-Momoyama Period 1573-1603
Edo Period 1603-1868
Meiji Period 1868-1912
Taisho and Early Showa Period 1912-1945
Showa and Early Heisei Periods 1945-present

Customs, Traditions & Celebrations Celebrations
Jan 1st New Years Day 元旦
Jan 2nd Coming of Age Day 成人の日
Feb 11th Commemoration of Founding of Nation  建国記念日
Mar 21st Vernal Equinox Day 春分の日
Apr 29th Showa era day
May 3rd Constitution Day 憲法記念日
May 4th Green Day 緑の日
May 5th Children’s Day 子供の日
Jul 3rd Ocean’s Day 海の日
Sep 3rd Veteran’s Day 敬老の日
Sep 23rd Autumn Equinox Day 秋分の日
Oct 2nd Physical education Day 体育の日
Nov 3rd Culture Day 文化の日
Nov 23rd Labor Thanksgiving Day 勤労感謝の日
Dec 23rd Emperor’s birth day 天皇誕生日
Lifestyle Family Values
Traditional food – Sushi, Tempura, Soba/Udon noodle, etc
Staple food – Rice

National sport - SUMO Wrestling
Budo – Judo, Kendo, Karate, Jujutsu, Kyudo, Aikido, Iaido
Other - Baseball

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