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CAMEO By-laws
The nine founding associations adopted the by-laws in April 2009. The link above provides information regarding the organizational structure.

International Center of Indianapolis
32 E. Washington St, Ste. 1625 | Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone (317) 955-5150

Nationalities Council of Indiana, Inc.
P.O. Box 1623
Indianapolis, IN 46206

2013 Multicultural Calendar
The calendar provided detailed information regarding multi-cultural celebrations worldwide.

Recommended Reading

The Rise of the Creative Class by Dr. Richard Florida

In a knowledge-based economy, "talent powers economic growth, and diversity and openness attract talent. Companies increasingly will go where talented people are located."

Florida makes a convincing case that creative occupations are growing and to successfully compete, companies and regions need to embrace, not just tolerate, all forms of diversity—immigrants, people of many faiths, people with diverse opinions, and gays.

Live First, Work Second by Rebecca Ryan
Review by Dr. Richard Florida

"Live first, work second" is a sentiment I often hear in my travels around the country and the world. Regardless of their zip code, their native language, or their vocation, members of the Creative Class place as much emphasis on where and how they live as where they work. It’s a core premise of Rebecca’s book, and a story that must be told.

In my experience in working with Rebecca and her team at Next Generation Consulting they are one of the most reliable sources for CEO’s, mayors, legislators, economic developers, and non-profit leaders who want to attract and retain the next generation of creative workers to their community or organization.

In a very real way, Live First, Work Second helps us see our organizations and institutions through the lens of this newest crop of creatives, so that we can adjust and align in ways that will draw them in.