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The Organizational Face of CAMEO

The nine founding member associations are the:

  • African American Association
  • Columbus Chinese Association
  • Columbus Japanese Business Association
  • Columbus Latin American Association
  • Columbus Korean Association
  • Indian Association of Columbus
  • Middle Eastern Association
  • Pakistan Association
  • Trinbago Association

CAMEO was introduced to the Columbus area community in September 2009. Earlier in the year leaders of the founding member associations met together in a series of facilitated meetings to develop the structure, goals and mission of the umbrella organization. The CAMEO Board was helped in this process by Arlette Cooper-Tinsley, Executive Director of the Human Rights Commission and Tatiana Kovolou, Intercultural Training Professional.

CAMEO Mission

To provide a forum for ethnic associations to:

  • develop and coordinate programs and activities that encourages everyone to recognize and appreciate the traditions of all ethnic cultures, and
  • to help make people feel welcomed in the community.


CAMEO Vision

To be the cultural gateway for appreciating and promoting the diversity of the Columbus area and neighboring communities by

  • enriching the lives of newcomers, residents and friends, and
  • bringing culture, diversity and fun to their doorstep.


CAMEO Values

Guiding Values Behaviors
  • Respect each other
  • Honor your words/commitments
  • Follow the rules
  • Sharing experiences/lessons learned
  • Helping each other with organizing events and using one another as resources
Responsibility & Accountability
  • Follow through with commitments
  • Fulfill your role to its fullest as a CAMEO member
  • Comply within the framework of the CAMEO bylaws and structure
  • Meet your targets & objectives
  • Openness to an "all inclusive" policy
  • Value differences & build on similarities
  • Be proactive
  • Take initiative
  • Take time & initiative for future planning

CAMEO Membership

Membership in CAMEO is available at three levels - Voting Member, Partner Member and Individual Member. Additional membership information is included in the Membership Application Forms and the CAMEO By-laws.

Voting Membership

Membership is available to non-political and non-religious ethnic associations based in Bartholomew County. Associations must meet certain membership requirements which include: goals and mission similar to CAMEO, elected officials and a minimum of five members. The CAMEO Board will open membership in this category at a later date.

Individual Membership

Membership is open to all individuals who support CAMEO’s mission and goals. Members are encouraged to take an active role in CAMEO programs and activities. Individual members are eligible to serve on the CAMEO Board.

If you would like to become a member Contact Us through this website or submit the Individual Membership Form to the CAMEO Secretary C/o Heritage Fund 538 Franklin Street Columbus IN 47201.

Partner Membership

Membership is open to businesses, companies, organizations, clubs and agencies that do not meet the requirements of a Voting member but wish to endorse and support the work and activities undertaken by CAMEO.

If you would like to become a Partner Member Contact Us through this website or submit the Partner Membership Form to the CAMEO Secretary C/o Heritage Fund 538 Franklin Street Columbus IN 47201.

Future Goals

It is anticipated through the passion and commitment of its volunteer members the association will grow organically and develop sources of revenues. Revenue may be generated through, program fees, fundraisers and membership fees. Sustainable funding could lead to a creation of a CAMEO office and staff position.

Future programs could include business services such as: resource and referral programs, translation services, and diversity/cultural competence training. Community programming might be expanded to include; cultural and arts performances, guest speakers, dinner program and international trivia competition.